Eahison is the world number one mobile IoT + Small Beauty antenna company, the company focus on solving huge network-flow in an epoch of IoT with our small beauty antenna as to offer our customer solution for signal coverage. We offer our service, product and technical support mainly to global operator, system integrator, IoT, WLAN, car networking and railway network.

With the global economic integration and intensive competition, product homogeneity is an inevitable challenge for Eahison. The difference between price and quality will no longer be the only way for company to generate profit. Eahison understand the importance of product customization in the market, our business is customer-focused because the need to satisfy clients’ needs and being able to quickly react to change in market are as vital as generating profit.

Employees’ vocational skill and level of knowledge are significant for Eahison, the company ensure economic benefits by offering exceptional quality.

With the use and develop of technology and modern management method, Eahison insist on market-oriented strategy in order to meet customers’ requirement and improve the level of business operation management. The company is trying to build up a globally recognized organization with the ability to solve customers’ needs.

Our dedication on wireless communication solution, IoT, industry information, smart city and some other new strategy will push the grow of wireless technology and industry progress. Constant innovation will create value for our global customer with high quality product and better service. All in all, our mission is to keep our clients feel safe and reliable working with us.

Mission: To be the world number one small-beauty antenna

Purpose: Creating Value for our clients

Development concept: people-oriented, reputation as the root, quality as the honor, mar-ket as the guide, technology as the core. To become a service-oriented manufacturer, with small beauty antenna high-end technology and international vision.