The Shareholders’ Committee is the supreme authority. It is the decision unit of company capital increment, profit distribution, directors’ election and other major matters.

The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of corporate strategy and management.

Office of General Manager carries on guidance and supervision based on overall operation, and makes decision on major issues in the process of strategy and operation. It’s the leading of Sales Center, R&D Center, Manufacturing Center, Assets Operation Center, Administration and HR Center.

Duties of Sales Center: to organize regular market research, collect useful market information for marketing management, ensure sustained growth in sales revenue and market development of new products, and integrate resources to improve customer satisfaction and value of the company.

Duties of R&D Center: to organize and implement the R&D plan; to make standard of R&D, and optimize R&D management system, be responsible for the research, demonstration, development and design work of company’s new products and new technology.

Duties of Delivery Center: to make production plan according to the sales plan, and organize the safety, to meet the need of customer on time, by volume, and with product quality. To provide efficient service to customers.

Duties of Assets Operation Center: according to the company development strategy and development goals, to establish suitable investment and financing and capital operation system for the needs of management and development, to satisfy the capital needs of operation, to implement risk assessment for the company’s operating and financial analysis prediction, to oversight the effective capital use. To achieve maximum value.

Our development aim: to solve customer problems and create value for customers.