AP/CPE Antenna Solution

Eahison antennas provide highly reliable wireless network coverage and last mile broadband solution to problems which is designed to apply in outdoor applications, wireless monitoring as well as wireless network coverage.

As follow IEEE802.11b/g wireless devices,the performance of our antenna is reliable and efficient.Meanwhile, the device also follows the second edition IEEE 802.11n with good performance and high output power which allow equipment with much better outcome compare with average wireless devices and therefore it enables to reach higher signal coverage.Our Products compatible with four different connections included AP, wireless client, WDS and AP Repeater, also considering different application requirements, so as to minimize the effort to satisfy our customers in the last miles. High output power and reliable performance enable us to come up with ideal broadband solution to wireless internet service provider and system integrator.




Successful Cases

Eahison's WLAN products was adoped by Mexico Axtel
Ms Jane lee was helping Mexico’s second largest operators--Axtel, for installing WLAN antennas. ……


Successful examples of Safe campus through system
The real-time tracking system for the security of students includes the tracking security system for school buses and the security system for students. It makes it come true to track the students in school bus all the way by using the technology of GPS and RFID. ……


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