Eahison provides a full range of technical services from initial product concept designs, antenna integration solutions and product manufacturing covering markets including mobile telecommunication, WIFI, Internet of things and so on.
Eahison has strong technical support, cooperate with China famous universities and research organizations, communicate the lastest technology and innovation, to improve its R&D level and meet the continuous change requirements from customers.
The most advance test field in industry Satimo 23+1 Probest Chamber Chamber Size: 4x4x4 meters
Test each datas inside of the Microwave Chamber Antenna Radiation Pattern, Gain, PIM and so on.
Test each antenna strictly and analyze collected datas carefully To make sure each antenna meet the requirements completely
Electrical performance parameter testing equipment  
Choose the best materials for our antennas To provide the superior quality, high performance and most stable solution for each customer
100% test for antennas during the production,include Semi-finished product test and finished product test.
Test In Production  
With advanced far field test system,can provide completed and accurate test for different type of antenna.
  Far field test system
Exhibition Room Automatic Production Equipment Shipment