How to be a Good Staff

2013/4/28 18:19:00


2013-4-27, Mr Xi from Tianzhi education group gave Eahison’s staffs a vivid lesson.
A. Be a good staff is a habit
1. Listenning
2. Summarize
3. Do with guidence
4. Faith
5. Learning
All success comes from your faith.

B. Build up your live enterprise
1. Developing strategy
2. Position
Life needs direction which lead you to the right road.

C. Four standards of good staff
1. Loyalty
2. Attitude
3. Capacity
4. Performance
All thing happen is good for your grow.

D. A good staff’s caltivation:
1. Goal and plan
2. Positive mental attitude
3. Crisis awarence
4. Tolerance and gratitude
5. Team work
6. Hold on till the end