Transport Wireless Rail 2016

2016/5/22 17:22:00


The 2016 Railway transportation wireless network meeting was held in ZhouJi hotel in Zhongqin, China from 26th to 27th of April. This is the one and only subway and railway WIFI development event in Asia-Pacific. A number of different companies have attended this event included International railway organization, Singapore railway, Mexico railway, Zhongqin railway, Shenzhen railway, Shanghai railway, Hangzhou railway, Suzhou railway, Wuhan American Keli system company, Ixia, Ericsson and 250 more representations and industrial experts attend the meeting this time. An open discussion about the newest information and topics included the future of railway WIFI, security insurance,technology revolution, operation management and business models.

At the moment, there are 3 representation cities for the WIFI application of railway transportation wireless network in domestic market which included Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhongqin. Among these three cities, Shenzhen is the first to implement railway WIFI for signal coverage during 2014. The company had been experiencing the interfere system for the last two years from 2012 in order to prove if the project is reliable. after the use of mass data the company finally upgrade the entire project. With the use of Eahison’s 2.4GHz/5.8GHz MIMO antenna, the railway signal and WIFI were proven to be accessible and with less interfere which actually meet the need of WIFI signal for passengers

From 26th to 27th of May, Eahison Communication was the one and only antenna manufacturer that attended the Asia-Pacific event of WIFI FOR Rail transportation under the led of Eahison Communication’s general manager - Mike Zhen. Meanwhile, We had brought a variety of Rail-transportation WIFI antenna to attend the meeting this time and a lot of positive comment from system integrators. Therefore, it is believed that Eahison Communication will be able to support passengers with fast and stable signal in the field of Rail-Transportation sector.

City Railway transportation is rapidly growing in recent year. The technology is also changing every year with an increasingly number of development. After years of dedication in this field, Eahison acquire plentiful experiences from the industry and knowledge of wireless communication technology which enable the company to promote the development of wireless communication industry with customized products and innovative solution to problem. Therefore, offering exceptional customer service to satisfy our client in the market.

The event of Railway transportation wireless network is aimed to connect China with the world. an international stage for railway transportation and wireless network will speed up the popularity of WIFI usage in railway and subway which will finally form the ecosphere of mobile internet network. In the future, Eahison will continuously innovate and launch high quality railway transportation network antenna in order to take the lead of development in the field.