2022/03/03 10

Lunbo lens antenna helps Mujia high-speed railway to achieve full coverage of high-quality network

Recently, Mujia High-speed railway, known as the "easternmost alpine high-speed Railway" in China, was officially opened to traffic. At the same time of the high-speed railway construction and opening, guangdong Hisense New generation Lunbo lens antenna of our company joined hands with China Unicom to achieve high efficiency and high quality full coverage of the network, and committed to wireless communication to solve end-to-end solutions and services for customers. The ideas of Yuehisense, such as "science and technology for goodness" and "wise craftsmen for goodness", will be engraved on this journey.

In the past, I has been to interpret the lomb lens antenna technology to you from a professional perspective. Today, I will tell you a warm story outside of lomb lens antenna technology.

 Grasp the finger to make a fist together 

With a total length of 371.6 kilometers, the High-speed railway passes through 5 prefecture-level cities and 2 county-level administrative regions, 34 long tunnels and 312 base stations. Due to the complex geological structure, high degree of weathering of rock strata and difficult coverage, the construction environment is very harsh.

"Big sister" is popular term for heilongjiang province to the lady beetle, sunny place is "flower elder sister", party luneberg lens antennas at the time of installation and debugging with "flower elder sister" no hiding, advance wave upon wave of "flower elder sister" the Windows were playing ring, everyone was surprised by the scene of the "spectacular", got off the bus, The body is quickly surrounded by countless ladybugs, mouth dare not speak, eyes can not open. We can only use hand gestures, typing communication with mobile phones, and then back to the car to communicate, Yuehaixin people and other relevant units united as one, overcome difficulties, excellent completion of the construction.

In addition, the operation areas of the four central base stations are all in the suburbs. The physical location of the base station is at the top of the mountain with rugged mountain roads, so vehicles cannot directly reach the base station location. We need to walk back and forth for many times to carry equipment for installation, commissioning and opening. The mountain is steep and slippery, and carrying dozens of kilograms of equipment and antennas makes it difficult to move forward. Guangdong Hisense and the relevant units to overcome difficulties bravely go forward, in the hard efforts to complete the installation and commissioning tasks of equipment.

      Good core technology,

        good craftsman

After the opening of the base station, the single station verification, network commissioning, optimization and other stages demonstrate the use of Longbo lens antenna to improve the coverage effect, to ensure that users can smoothly use the unicom network with good perception after the opening of Mujiagao Road. In view of the complex environment with many mountains and tunnels along the route, the location and coverage direction of stations are precisely planned through accurate survey, so as to achieve full coverage of 4/5G network along the route. After optimization and adjustment, the 4G coverage rate (RSRP≥-105) along the Jimusi section of Mujia High-speed Railway is 95%, the 4G wireless connection rate is 100%, and the PEAK 4G download rate is 110Mbps, achieving seamless coverage of network signals.

               Explore, innovate and strive for    excellence

Every year is quiet, someone is carrying a heavy load for you. Guangdong Hisense focuses on the antenna field for 13 years, has been dedicated to wireless communication with professional technology, to create a better life for the world. In scientific research and technology, repeatedly tested, repeatedly demonstrated, the endless pursuit of perfection, how many sleepless nights, how many times never say die, no other, just to develop customers need technology, improve human living standards of technology; In terms of production, strictly implement quality standards to ensure the quality of products; In the construction test installation process, mountain, sun and rain, not afraid of hardships to overcome difficulties...... We always adhere to the spirit of "exploration and innovation, excellence, pragmatism", build high-precision network performance, empower thousands of lines and industries, and operators and industry partners work together to build an intelligent society.