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Luneburg Lens Antenna Helps 5g fishermen surf the web at top speed

 With the change of Sun and moon, the development of economy, the rapid growth of coastal fisheries and marine tourism, the demand of marine data communication is increasing and the demand for function is higher. Traditional Sea area communication uses satellite communication service, which is not only expensive but also has poor signal. The Luneburg Lens Antenna not only saves the cost of operation and maintenance, but also solves and optimizes the coverage and capacity of the sea area.

    Recently, Yuehaixin teamed up with ZTE to power Shandong Unicom, taking the lead in achieving ultra-long-distance 5g coverage in the sea area based on 2.1 Ghz. On the premise of a minimum guaranteed speed of 2 MBPS, 5g coverage can be extended to 54 km of the sea surface, which is close to the theoretical limit distance, enabling 5G, open A new scenario of smart services, 5G + smart agriculture to provide a solid digital base to help rural revitalization.

       Luneburg Lens Antenna gives 5g smooth top speed 


Guangdong Haixin, together with ZTE, helps Shandong Unicom, a commercial base station at an altitude of 112 meters in the Lanshan district of Rizhao, the traditional fishing ground and the important breeding base of the fishermen in the south of Shandong Province, such as Qiansan island, were covered by commercial ultra-far area. Under the condition of 20M spectrum bandwidth, the download Data transfer rate can reach 91.8 mbps at a distance of 48km from the coastline, and the download rate can also reach 2Mbps at a maximum distance of 54km, which can provide ultra-long-distance signal transmission for maritime management, it also provides an economic and convenient means of communication for the collection and return of information such as video surveillance for fishermen's deep-sea aquaculture, and promotes the deep integration of information technology and the marine economy. The Luneburg Lens Antenna of Yuehaixin can enable 5G, breaking the space limitation, smooth and fast, create high-quality communication technology experience.

      Luneburg Lens Antenna has the advantage of energy saving and cost reduction


In addition to the site selection to improve the base station antenna height as far as possible, the sea surface ultra-far coverage using zte high-power multi-channel products, select the appropriate Prach frame access format, with the light weight and High Gain Yuehai Xinlongbo Lens Antenna, the maximum coverage distance can be achieved with the least stations, which can greatly reduce the investment cost while meeting the data communication needs of remote users.

    Luneburg Lens Antenna helps fishermen to open a new marketing model

The Luneburg Lens Antenna of Guangdong Hisense will enable 5g ultra-wide coverage of fishermen's operations in the Kyoto/arashiyama waters of Rizhao port, providing new business opportunities such as live streaming of new fishermen in the new era and carrying cargo. This will help expand fishermen's sales channels, spread the culture of Shandong beautiful fishing village, promote the economic development of fishermen, will be faster to achieve a win-win 5g new business model. Life-changing technology, Luneburg Lens antenna capable of 5G, will vigorously promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

    Yuehaixin takes the Lens Technology as the Core Competitive Power, devotes to the wireless communication field, provides the end-to-end solution and the service for the customer, enables the 5G communication, creates the user-centered information ecosystem, creates the brand value maximization.

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