2021/15/12 10

Guangdong Haixin won the 2021 Foshan Sanshui District entrepreneurship and innovation competition

202110 December, the Foshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Sanshui People's Government of Foshan City organized the final of the “7th Foshan Mass Entrepreneurship Exchange Conference and Sanshui District 2021 Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition” at the Guangzhou Institute of Technology and business. Guangdong Fushun International Communication Co. , Ltd. . Guangdong Haixin subsidiary company with the advantage of Longbo Lens Technology and strength, in many outstanding projects to win the title!


         Background of the project

As of March, more than 819,0005G Base 2021 have been built in our country, but power consumption has become a big problem. By the end of the 2023,5G base stations are expected to account for 1.3% of electricity consumption, which means that, 5G Base station power consumption will rise as a social issue for the sustainability of China's new infrastructure.

 Based on the focusing principle of electromagnetic wave, the Lens Antenna can focus the transmitted or received electromagnetic wave, which can increase the maximum energy density by 100 times, and has the advantages of high gain, wide vertical lobe, small loss and high antenna efficiency, the coverage area is more than 4 times that of the base station using the traditional plate antenna. In terms of power consumption, the antenna feed system of base station can be greatly simplified, and the RRU can be directly halved to reduce the system energy consumption by about 70% . In addition, the number of base stations significantly reduced, saving the tower lease fees, electricity, maintenance costs and other operating costs to provide technical support.

 Based on the demand for high performance Lens Antenna, our Lomb Lens Technology was born!


The advantages and extraordinary applications of lomb Lens Technology

Longbo Lens Technology is innovative and has great application value. First, in the development of new materials, low-permittivity metamaterials research and development and manufacturing technology to develop Lombard Lens Technology, and solve the communication industry pain points:

1. Lighter weight, lower power consumption 2. Low loss, low reflection 3. Coverage Distance 4. Cost optimization

   In addition, the Lomb Lens Technology can reduce the antenna size and facilitate the construction of the project. The antenna made in this project can transmit or receive more stable electromagnetic wave signal when it is used in mobile communication, and the coverage effect of the signal is greatly enhanced.  

 With the rapid development of communication technology, the country has been improving and improving the user experience, improve and optimize the quality of communication network. In order to solve the problem of coverage or expansion of various weak coverage stations in our country, the“Longbo Lens Technology” is reformed and replaced the Longbo Lens Antenna. Through the field road test data comparison, the Lombard Lens new antenna gives the end-user low time-delay experience, reduces the operation and maintenance costs, and promotes the development of communication industry better.

The new type of antenna, which integrates the low gain wide beam into the high gain narrow beam, can not only effectively cover the depth and transmit the low time delay, but also has the advantages of high gain and high bandwidth, and the installation, transportation and storage convenience, reduce the number of base stations and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, high-value dedicated line services to provide strong technical support, is the benchmark of the antenna industry.

The results of this competition represent the social recognition of our“Longbo Lens Technology”. Yuehaixin and its subsidiaries will continue to work hard to keep up with the pace of technological progress and continue to explore various application scenarios, to help operators and equipment manufacturers and other customers to build a suitable technical solution.

  Lombard Lens Technology will be widely used in 5g new infrastructure, industrial internet, millimeter wave, Terahertz, radar, satellite communications, VR and other fields. In the field of network science and technology, the company will realize the multi-network integration of sea, land, air and sky with the new-generation Lombard Lens Technology, extend Product end-to-end solutions and services, build industrial chain clusters, create brand service value maximization, high-speed ten billion steps forward.