2022/30/07 0

Good news |  Eahison was shortlisted as one of the top 12 finalists of the 2022 "maker Guangdong" innovation and entrepreneurship competition



On July 20,2022, Foshan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology released the list of the top 12 Foshan Sme Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in the final in 2022. Among them, our company's participating project "5G-A and 6G era new antenna application" entered the final!

Since the 14th Five-year Plan, the construction of digital China has entered the fast lane, a variety of rich digital applications have been from individuals to the industry production end, the future will be the digital application of thousands of industries! Hisense has been keeping up with the pace of development, adhere to the material and technology research and innovation, through the Weber lens technology as the lead, committed to the application of communication technology in various scenarios. A new generation of Lomber lens antenna improve scene communication and network coverage ability, reduce base station construction and operation costs, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency results; in addition, a new generation of Lomber lens antenna signal strong coverage far, signal receiving capacity greatly upgrade, capacity expansion, can help operators to achieve economic revenue, meet the requirements of green energy saving, jointly create value for thousands of industries! Yuehai Xin Longball lens antenna has realized mass production, to meet the needs of the rapid development of mobile communication network construction.

 Eahison has entered the fast lane, the people will continue to explore and innovate, pragmatic, contribute, and win a better future of digital economy!