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Good news | guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to hisense won the 2022 patent cultivating large bay area high value layout contest "honorable mention"

Strong transformation, gather bay area, burning the future. The winning projects of the 2022 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area High-Value Patent Cultivation Competition (" Bay High Competition ") have been announced. In order to deepen the concept of high-value patent cultivation layout, the Competition specially planned and launched the "2022 Bayhigh Top 100 Tour" to showcase the achievements of high-value patent cultivation layout of the top 100 projects in a multi-dimensional way, promoting various innovative resources and elements to gather together in the Greater Bay Area, and jointly chart the new future of the Bay Area.

In this competition, there are only two award-winning enterprises in Sanshui District of Foshan City, among which "Research and Development of Luneburg Lens Antenna" project of Foshan EAHISON Communication Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "EAHISON") participated in the competition and won the excellence award in the final. Luneburg lens technology has the characteristics of high technology content, wide application scenarios, large market potential and high patent value. At present, EAHISON has applied for a total of 136 patents, including 54 invention patents and 9 international PCT patents, forming a strong brand effect in the industry.

Won the "Excellence Award" project

Positive and innovative EAHISON


"Research and Development of Luneburg Lens Antenna" project, through the use of artificial electromagnetic materials, high-efficiency multi-band feed design, multi-beam antenna technology, simulation, patchwork production process, the antenna has a high capacity, efficiency and anti-interference, while reducing the antenna system size, improve the antenna structure compact. With only a small number of radiation units, energy consumption can be greatly reduced, the isolation degree of symmetric beam can be improved, and the reliability can be enhanced. The coverage range can be increased by 400m~600m, and the effective coverage can be doubled. The project fills a market gap in 5G coverage schemes for the industrial Internet of Things and solves the industry's pain points.

Strength EAHISON

EAHISON was founded in 2009, adhering to the concept of "customer service, scientific and technological innovation", with lens technology as the core competitiveness, committed to the field of wireless communication, to provide customers with end-to-end solutions and services. It is a "specialized and innovative" high-tech enterprise in line with the direction of "5G new generation information technology" and "new materials", the key industries supported by the state. The company's core technology, Luneburg lens technology, will be widely used in 5G new infrastructure, industrial Internet, millimeter wave, terahertz, radar, satellite communication, VR and other fields. The company adheres to the business philosophy of technology-leading, market-driven and maximization of brand service value. In the field of information technology, the company will realize the multi-network integration of sea, land, air and sky with the new-generation Luneburg lens technology, deeply integrate into the information industry cluster industry, realize the maximization of brand service value, and build YueHisense into a high-tech company in the field of information and communication.

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Good news | guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to hisense won the 2022 patent cultivating large bay area high value layout contest "honorable mention"